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Anseo Le Cheile -Here Together

The Irish Pastoral Centre - Boston was founded in 1987 in direct response to the large increase in Irish Immigrants in the Greater Boston area. We offer a comprehensive range of caring and culturally appropriate spiritual, family, social, legal, wellness and educational services of all ages. Since the pandemic, we have expanded our services to incorporate counselling and sobriety support. Honoring the continued presence of Ireland in Boston we continue the tradition of an Irish welcome in Boston for all.


The Irish Pastoral Centre (IPC) strives to assist our communities in varying capacities and facilitate their positive transition to life in America. Since 1987 we have been committed to serving the most vulnerable in our community in as culturally sensitive a manner as possible.


The Pastoral Centre is located right in the heart of Dorchester in Adams Village. Our community is a combination of Irish & American people with similar interests and goals that are shared with the IPC. We are guided by the Christian principle of providing help to “the stranger among us.”

  • Maryellen Brett, President

  • Rev. Dan Finn - ex-officio/Chaplain & Archdiocesan Coordinator

  • William Bulger Jr, Treasurer

  • Chris Lavery, Secretary

  • Sean Henry

  • Neil Hurley

  • Mark Porter

  • Della Costello

  • ​John McColgan

  • Dermott Doyne

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