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Program Administrator: Róisín Lee
Phone: 617-265-5300 

At the IPC, we provide various employment resources and services. Below is information for both employers and employees. We recommend that you sign up for our newsletter if you are interested in upcoming networking events, employment workshops, available jobs, and job seeker notices. Below are links to our social media channels which includes our updates 

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As a referral service, employers reach out to us with job opportunities asking us to connect them to potential candidates. In order to learn about what jobs have been referred to IPC, you must be added to our Job Seekers Email List. We will send an email every week as new jobs come in. If an email isn't sent every week, this is indicating that no new jobs have been referred to us since the last email sent. If you have any questions in regard to this process, please feel free to call the office. Please note that we post jobs in good faith and do not screen employers.



If you are seeking candidates for a job opportunity and you would like to access our network of job seekers, please call the office at 617-265-5300 and a member of our staff will assist you. The best way to connect our job seekers with your opportunity is through our email list so please let the staff member know your willingness to share your contact details. Please note, IPC is only a point of contact for job seekers and employers. We are not responsible for any background checks and do not require job seekers to meet us in person to be on our list. All employers must complete any sort of checks and screenings they require on their own.  


Networking is by far the easiest way to find a job. Studies show that 70-80% of jobs today are secured through networking. Get in touch with relevant organizations and attend their networking events.

Seek out alumni gatherings and Irish business events. E.g BIBAIrish Network Boston, Mná Mheiriceá
Dress professionally and talk to as many people as possible.
Follow up with the people you meet if they say they can help you. Ask for their business cards. Link into them through professional networks and follow up with an email.  When emailing, attach a copy of your resume and mention what you are looking for. Thank them for any help they can give you. If they get back to you and tell you they can’t help you, ask them if they know anyone who can.


Create a professional account with reasons for employers to hire you. You are the product they are going to buy!
Get testimonials from lecturers, previous employers – NOT friends.  You can do market research here to investigate the local job market in the city of your choice, use a professional photo.
You can apply for jobs, join groups, and get employment advice and much more through LinkedIn.
It is free and very user friendly.

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